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What do I bring to class?

A For health & safety it is compulsory that you wear clean socks at the studio.  If you are participating in a group mat class & using your own mat then, that is at your own discretion.  You will also need to bring a clean towel & a water bottle

What do I wear to class?

Comfortable clothing that you can move freely in & that you feel comfortable in

Do I need prior Pilates experience?

A All levels & all ages are welcome to participate in the group mat classes if you are, of general fitness and injury free.  If you have an injury or injuries it is best to let me know early & it may be more suitable for a private session

Pilates has been recommended to you from your health care provider?

 A An initial consultation as part of the introductory offer is an ideal option.  The initial consultation will provide us with the information we need to move forward & tailor a program just for you. 

The private sessions you attend will offer the close instruction you need.  

Who is Private Instruction for?

If you are someone that

1/ prefers to work 1:1 with your trainer specifically for close supervision

2/ you want to fast track your progress

3/ you have an injury that needs close supervision & you are not yet ready for a group setting

Is there parking nearby?

A Street parking is available

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