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Why a Cancer Exercise Specialist? (CES)

Qualified CES'S have completed an advanced qualification enabling them to train people with, recovering from &/or going through a cancer diagnosis or cancer treatment.

As a CES I consider the survivors surgery, treatment, side effects & lymphoedema.  From this assessment I develop a safe, sensible, individualised & progressive exercise program that is specific to the client & their contraindications.

I am aware of the neurological complications & side effects cancer patients experience going through cancer treatment & adjuvant therapies.  Working closely with the survivor, consideration is given to cancer related pain, mental & physical fatigue, survivorship & emotions.

I prescribe exercises to enhance lymphatic drainage & correct muscles imbalances post-surgery as well as educating the client to limit the chances of lymphoedema occurring. 

I am a breast cancer survivor having had a single mastectomy, chemotherapy & now adjuvant therapy.  I know firsthand both the physical & emotional limitations one may face.

I provide empathy & support working with the client throughout their treatment journey.​

Cancer Exercise : Classes
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